jueves, 30 de diciembre de 2010


Did the ironing in a cowboy hat
Felt as fresh as the paint in this new flat
I will never tell you what to do
Have ambition simply to see things through

Did you know I could be a lot of fun
I'm aware that friendship can die young
As the glow from the street light bled
Down the Langlands Road we set
off the best of friends

I know where I stand
I don't need you to hold my hand

Well, I've tried to get along with you
I have asked myself "What are we gonna do?"
I'm coming round to take a stand
Going to put us together with
glue or an elastic band

I know where I stand
I don't need you to hold my hand

I am softer than my face would suggest
At times like these I'm at my lowest ebb
Now I can confide in you
If I cry to set the mood oh
please could you cry too

Happy New Year
You are my only vice

Happy New Year
What if we compromised?
Happy New Year
I am open

Do you have to wear a frown like that?
You could have hit me with a baseball bat

Do you want to? (Yes I do)
Do you have to? (So do you)
Do you want to? (So do you)


* Lo dicho, mis mejores deseos para 2.011.

8 comentarios:

Bruja Truca dijo...

Feliz año =)

desconvencida dijo...

Feliz año brujita!

Unknown dijo...

¡Feliz Año Amaia!

desconvencida dijo...

Feliz año a ti también, Rick!

Lula Fortune dijo...

Te deseo lo mejor de lo mejor para el año que empieza. Un besazo ;)

TRoyaNa dijo...

Mis mejores deseos para ti,Desconvencida,que tengas un 2011 con muchos momentos que se conviertan después en buenos recuerdos.

el paseante dijo...

Bon Any Nou, Desconvencida.

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